Why Are Sapphire Wedding Rings Great for an Engagement Proposal?

February 24th, 2016 / admin / 0 comments

There are many differences in opinion on what gemstones make the best makes engagement ring. Feelings about the ideal gemstone type, size, color and ring design run hot. Marriage is a serious business and it’s important that the engagement ring gets the whole process started off on the right foot. The engagement ring is often the focus of family attention and joy and an extraordinary amount of thought, money, and time should be put into its selection. The decisions made about her engagement ring will impact the woman’s pleasure in wearing it every day of her life.

Many people think that the only color option is pure white. This is the traditional diamond color and diamond is the traditional choice but is it the best choice for each individual woman? Perhaps not. Is your fiancĂ© an original, a one of a kind? Think out of the box and consider something that reflects her character and originality. The sapphire wedding rings are a true sign that the soon to be groom spent time thinking about what he would put on his beloved’s finger. In fact, lets further discuss why an non-traditional engagement ring, such as a sapphire ring, might or might not be a great choice.

Positives of Non-traditional Engagement Rings

First and foremost is that it makes your ring special. Anyone can go out and buy a traditional diamond. It takes a man with courage to make the less obvious choice and buy a sapphire or ruby ring. A man who likes to think outside the box and a woman not mired in the ordinary. Both of you want to be adventurous with your ring, just like you will be adventurous in your lives together.

Secondly, white is a predictable color. Sapphires, rubies, and other jewels bring so much more visual excitement into play. One has to look closely to tell that a diamond is very expensive. Your money will often buy more carat weight in sapphire than it would in diamond meaning a larger ring. With a larger brilliant colored jewel people can see it from across the room and know that the ring looks like it cost a fortune. Who doesn’t want to treat his woman with an eye catching and expensive looking ring?

Negatives of Non-traditional Engagement Rings

People may question your less ordinary choice. They might think that white diamonds are the only engagement ring option, not sapphire wedding rings, ruby wedding rings, or any other color of ring. These unimaginative people may not understand that you want something different for your partner to honor her uniqueness. They may not comprehend the excellent durability and value embodied by a sapphire engagement ring, but who cares what the small minded think?

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it really depends on what a woman wants. The man’s goal is to make her happy. Ask her! Encourage her to consider the choices carefully and think outside the box. Take her shopping and make sure she knows that there are creative and colourful options available. Talk to her about choosing a ring with great beauty and value that makes her happy so you can be happy too! If you are a woman who has been asked what they want in a ring, think carefully about what you want and make sure to consider carefully and then be clear about what you want.