Sapphires Engagement & Wedding Rings Atlanta

Sapphire and ruby are both ideal materials for jewelry that receives hard wear such as an engagement ring. Sapphire and ruby are of the same mineral species, corundum, and are very hard, durable materials resistant to chipping and scratching. In addition, they are very beautiful, with rich saturated colors and high indices of refraction giving them wonderful warmth and sparkle. Sapphires occur in nature in an astonishing array of colors including pinks, reds, yellows, purples, and of course, blues. Padparadscha sapphire is a spectacular salmon pink and makes a great choice for a couple looking for something that makes a unique statement.

The terms Ceylon sapphires and Burmese ruby denote both a country of origin and a color family. Kashmir and Ceylon sapphires have the intense, bright, medium to medium-dark blue that is the best that sapphire has to offer. Burmese rubies have a bright pigeons blood, ruby color, without gray or brown tones. I handle all types of sapphires and rubies from high-end Kashmir, Padparadscha, and Burmese stones to more affordably priced, but still beautiful, Thai and Australian stones. Individual sapphires and rubies also vary widely in price so a beautiful stone can be found to fit almost any budget. They make a lovely alternative to diamond for wedding jewelry.

Choose Elegant Ruby and Sapphire Engagement Rings

If a diamond is not for you, there are other colored gemstones that are excellent choices for bridal jewelry. Ceylon sapphires make a luxurious choice for sapphire engagement rings. They have a brilliant intense blue color and are tough enough to withstand everyday wear. Ruby engagement rings are another off the beaten track option. Ruby comes in colors ranging from intense pinks to rich deep true reds and a ruby engagement ring is sure to please her. Ruby wedding rings and sapphire wedding rings are beautiful accompaniments to diamond engagement rings lending an individual flair to traditional diamond rings.

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