Choose Ruby Engagement Rings & Designer Wedding Bands

When you think of engagement rings, you most likely think of diamonds. You think of diamonds because diamonds are the traditional and most often purchased gemstone for engagement rings and wedding jewelry, but not every woman is interested in the traditional choice. If your fiancé marches to the beat of a different drummer or you want to choose something a little different, consider a

ruby engagement ring

. Ruby can give fresh perspective to

engagement rings and wedding bands


A Customized Ruby Engagement Ring

Shopping for a ruby engagement ring can be a challenge. Rubies come in a surprising array of shades of red and in many shapes and sizes. Each ruby is unique, just like she is. Because ruby is not a common choice for engagement rings, most jewelers will not stock a selection of ruby rings. When you come to Laura Powers Jewelry we will ask careful questions about your specifications for the ruby. What is your budget? How big and what shape stone would you like? Then we will make sure that we have a selection of rubies for you to choose from that suit your criteria and that will make a beautiful ring. Once we have the perfect stone we will help you select the perfect ring form our large selection of platinum and gold ring mountings.

An Attractive Option

Like diamond, ruby is a good choice for wedding jewelry because of its durability. The gorgeous rich reds and pinks of ruby look spectacular combined with silvery white platinum and with the bright luxurious yellow of gold. Rubies are a fantastic choice for the woman who doesn’t fit the mold, the woman who wants to stand apart and do something different. At Laura Powers Jewelry we will help you select the very best ruby for her, or we will guide the two of you through the choice together. We will make you a ring that is like no one else’s and we promise one hundred percent satisfaction.