Design Your Own Custom Rings

When you’re shopping for a ring you will see that there are a lot options available, some nice, some not so nice. Jewelry stores offer a variety of ring styles with various gems to help their customers find the right ring to suit the occasion or her personal sense of style, but sometimes the right thing for her just isn’t out there. There is no better gift than one that is designed by the person who knows her best. You! Laura Powers Jewelry carries a wide selection of

gold ring mountings

. Perhaps the right ring for her is already in the showcase, but if it’s not, we can help you to modify a stock ring or start from scratch and create the perfect ring for your loved one.

Start With The Perfect Gold Ring Mounting

If you decide to customize a stock ring, we will help you start by selecting the

gold ring mounting

that will work best to accomplish your goals. We can show you which ones will best display the gem shape and size you want. We can help you visualize what the end result will be like so you are sure to select a mounting that perfectly complements the overall style you want for your customized ring.

Choose the Right Gems

After you have selected the very best option from our gold ring mountings, we will show you our selection of available gemstones so you can create the perfect ring. Once all the choices have been made, our professional jewelers will set the stone in your selected mounting so it is safe and secure and you will have a beautiful and durable customized ring.

Contact us today to discuss your options for your new customized ring.