Is everything you do custom?

I have a large selection of high quality platinum and gold engagement ring mountings, wedding bands, and other jewelry in stock. If a client is not sure of what they want, it can be very helpful for us to look at these existing mountings together. I may have just what she wants already made, or if not, she can tell me what she does and doesn’t like about several pieces and I can interpret what she says to arrive and the perfect design for her.

What makes a sapphire or ruby more or less expensive?

Color. Color. Color. In sapphires and rubies, as with other colored stones, the value and the beauty lie in their color. The most expensive colors in sapphires and rubies will be intense, pure, medium to medium-dark vivid colors with even color distribution. Stones with very saturated, bright, vivid tones are considered the most desirable. Clarity is not the significant issue that it is with diamonds as long as the gem is free of eye visible inclusions.

How do I get started?

To initiate the custom process, please contact me by phone or email and we will talk about your goals and your budget. If you have images of things that you like, it would be most helpful to share them with me. Sometimes it is possible to do a preliminary cost estimate based on our conversations and exchange of images.

How long does it take?

It depends on what production method your piece requires. If we are modifying a stock piece to suit your needs or setting a simple solitaire, it can take as little as two days If the piece requires hand fabrication or a one of a kind wax, generally two to four weeks, depending on complexity, number or revisions and time of year.

What materials do you work in?

Platinum, 14kt and 18kt white and yellow gold.

If I already have my stones will you make my ring?

Yes, but you should speak to me before you buy your stones elsewhere. It is my policy to offer a discounted price if the client does the entire project with me. This can mean that even if you manage to find your stone for slightly less elsewhere, you would have paid less in total, if you had done the whole package with me. Also, buying a piece of jewelry in bits and pieces is not likely to yield the best looking final product.