Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

Laura Powers Jewelry can help you find the perfect engagement ring to suit your budget in a wide variety of styles, sizes and gem types. Of all the different types of gem stones that are used in engagement rings, diamonds are the most classic and sought after.

Diamond engagement rings

come in a wide variety of materials and styles but the most unique and creative are designer diamond engagement rings. These designer diamond engagement rings are crafted with great attention to detail and a higher standard of quality to insure that your ring is as fine and as perfect as your bride to be.

Designer Diamond Necklaces


designer diamond wedding rings


designer diamond necklaces

also come in a vast array of styles and price points. Designer diamond necklaces are the perfect choice to commemorate special occasions. What better gift to mark her wedding day, the birth of a child or the celebration of a special anniversary? A diamond necklace enhances her beauty and makes a wearable statement of your love for her.

Laura Powers Jewelry

We specialize in all kinds of diamond jewelry. Designer jewelry is a great way to show your devotion. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have something particular in mind. Our trained staff has designed and executed fine custom jewelry since 1983. You can personalize your creation to get a unique piece that is different from any other out there, and the quality of our custom made jewelry is beyond compare. We promise to deliver your dream ring or necklace at the most affordable price and that you will enjoy the experience and will be completely satisfied with the finished piece.