Custom Made Engagement Rings

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewelry

People expect that custom order jewelry will be more expensive. This is not the case. I produce higher quality jewelry with much higher quality certified diamonds, sapphires, and colored stones for less money than what one see in stores or on-line.

I can custom design and make anything from the most complex and technically demanding antique reproductions in platinum to simple modern pieces in platinum and gold. Most of my production is done in Atlanta by artisans who have worked for me for years.

There are several ways to go about the production of a piece of custom jewelry. Sometimes it is a simple matter of finding a pre-manufactured mounting and customizing it so that it suits your needs. This can often be done in a minimal amount of time and for much less that you might expect.

More often, the pieces I produce are one of a kind and made through a process called lost wax casting. After I have an initial concept of what you want the finished piece to look like, the design is drawn on a computer. The design can be manipulated and modified from there if necessary. The computer then cuts the wax model and the piece is cast in the metal of your choice. The original wax model is destroyed in this process hence the name lost wax casting. The piece is then set and finished to your specifications. This entire process generally takes two-to-four weeks depending on complexity, number of revisions and time of year.

Please see my gallery for some examples of computer aided design drawings.

Custom Made Engagement Rings In Atlanta