The Importance of Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Many women start dreaming about their wedding day from a young age. They think about every detail of that special day: the dress they would wear, the people they would invite, the type of reception and more. Very high on that list of important things will be her idea of the perfect engagement ring. They consider the details. What color it will be? What kind of stone it will have, and what will the overall appearance be? Regardless of what she has in mind it is possible to create her dream ring by working with a custom jeweler to create her perfect ring.

Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Until a few years ago, most people were limited to the mass produced jewelry that was available in jewelry stores. Her ring would be exactly the same as rings sold to thousands of other people. Custom design was expensive and limited to those buying very large diamonds and paying high prices. Today however, design technology has changed adding a much greater level of design and manufacturing flexibility and keeping costs reasonable. The buyer can select the perfect center stone and then control the details such as metal color and purity, total carat weight and setting style. This design flexibility gives you the chance to get something unique and wonderful for your beloved.

Why Choose Us?

We have been designing and producing gorgeous

custom made engagement

rings since 1983. Our staff is highly trained and professional and we keep working until every client is completely satisfied. Our jewelers are European trained master jewelers and we deliver very high quality product for an affordable price. Read our online reviews and you will see that every client goes away very pleased with our product and level of service. We will deliver the ring that will delight her and impress everyone else.