Certified Diamond Jewelry In Atlanta

I have an extensive inventory of GIA and EGL certified diamonds. I have hundreds of certified stones in stock in sizes from .50 ct to 10.00 cts. I specialize in high color diamonds, ideal cut diamonds and hard to find specialty cut diamonds such as cushion cuts, Asscher cuts, and fancy yellow diamonds. My prices are extremely competitive and I believe that no one in the U.S. is selling this caliber of diamond for a lower price. My inventory includes hundreds of certified diamonds from .50 cts to 10 cts and is constantly changing. I have a good selection of high quality platinum and gold engagement ring mountings, certified diamond earrings, designer diamond wedding bands, and other jewelry in stock, and I do a large business in custom order jewelry. My custom rings cover the entire spectrum from simple “Tiffany” style solitaires to elaborate works of art in gold and platinum. Whatever you want, I can make it.

Cut, Color and Clarity

There is a great deal of information available online regarding the “four c’s”. I think you should go straight to the experts and get your information from the GIA directly. The Gemological Institute of America is the definitive authority in the U.S. What better place for clear and unbiased information?

Selecting The Right Certified Diamond

Many jewelry and diamond professionals do their best to generate an aura of mystery around diamonds. They want you to be intimidated, and feel that you are not qualified to choose a diamond. This is simply not the case. I will help you to understand what makes one certified diamond more expensive than another. It is not always as simple as color and clarity. The cutting of the diamond has an enormous impact on the look of the stone and can significantly affect the price. Only by comparing the appearance and attributes of many diamonds will you be able to appreciate what makes one more rare and beautiful than another. I will teach you how to examine a diamond systematically and I will walk you through the GIA or EGL certificates and teach you how to interpret the information they contain.

Custom Designer Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewelry
Determining Your Individual Preferences

I believe that an important part of my job is to help my clients determine what they can and cannot see. For instance, can you see the difference between G and E color? Between a VVS1 and a VS2 clarity? We will determine your individual preferences by looking at many diamonds of varying qualities. Once we have established what you can and cannot see, and you have a basic understanding of what makes one diamond more expensive than another, then you are equipped to make an informed and intelligent choice. After an hour with me you will be qualified to select the right diamond for you and your loved one. Whether you buy from me or from someone else, you will buy from a position of strength and confidence, not anxiety.

We at Laura Powers Jewelry are proud to provide designer diamond wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond studs,wedding rings and, beautiful designer diamond necklaces. These designer and custom diamond engagement rings and necklaces make the perfect gift, whether you want to give your new bride something special on your wedding night, or you want to surprise her on her birthday or an anniversary.

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