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When someone mentions the word “sapphire” the mental image is usually a stone of rich blue that seems to have no equal in nature. But did you know that there are pink, red, yellow, and purple sapphires too? In fact, one particular type is described as salmon pink.

Dazzling Blue

Ceylon sapphires are medium blue or just a bit darker, with an intense color and brightness. They are one of the most popular choices for sapphire engagement rings. In fact, many individuals select this stone because it provides such a magnificent contrast to the band, making it a great alternative for those who do not want diamonds.

Durability is another benefit that sapphire engagement rings offer. These are hard stones that will serve you well for daily wear. You will also be able to find fantastic sapphire engagement rings at a price you can afford. They range from rare and quite costly to still beautiful but less expensive. However, the leading providers of quality jewelry offer only sapphires of the best quality, color, and cut, so you will always receive a ring that you will be proud to display.

Highly Prized

As you learn more about this gem, you will discover that sapphires and rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, based on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Diamond rates the top number of 10, but a sapphire is not too far behind at 9 on the scale that rates stones for scratch resistance.

When people wear sapphire engagement rings, they are displaying a stone that is prized for its physical qualities. This mineral is used in delicate scientific and medical instruments, as well as in the electronics industry. Of course, this is probably lower on the priority list than the amazing color and brightness that will stand out wherever you go.

The ruby is one of the most beautiful precious stones in the world. The ruby has an intense red color, and is prized for its brilliance and rich color. It’s available in shades from pink to blood-red. The color red is caused by the presence of chromium in the ruby. The ruby engagement rings have become tremendously popular in the past few years, as customers look for less traditional materials for their engagement rings.


The prices of ruby engagement rings vary depending upon the color of the stone. The most expensive ruby stone is one which has a rinc, bright, true red appearance. The deep dark true red ruby commands a very high premium. The jeweler will show you the colors of various rubies in different types of light. Obviously, an unheated stone will cost more than a heated stone. One way to check whether the stone has been treated or not is if it doesn’t have any needle-like reticle inclusions. This indicates that the stone was heat treated by the company before being put up for sale.

Buying an Engagement Ring

Ruby engagement rings are now sold by a number of jewelry shops. As rubies have risen in popularity, jewelers have begun to sell different cuts and designs. Before purchasing an engagement ring, it’s best to read about the qualities of the ruby and the different cuts available. This will give you an idea about the price of the stone. Prices for ordinary rings begin around $300 and can go well into the thousands. The ruby is widely regarded as a symbol of love in many cultures. Make sure you check the gemological certificate verifying that it is a ruby and disclosing any gem treatments.

With so many jewelers competing for the business of newly engaged couples, deciding to get married can be easier than picking out the engagement ring. A designer diamond wedding rings offer a simple solution to this problem with exclusive name brand collections and guarantees. Here are three advantages of choosing a diamond wedding ring from an established line of products and designs.

Trustworthy Service

In order to sell a premium brand, retailers must meet a strict set of standards which is detailed by the designer prior to authorization. This ensures that you receive satisfactory service and authentic products through smaller distributors. If a retailer is unauthorized, you might be investing in a cheap reproduction rather than a real diamond wedding ring, so don’t be fooled by extremely low prices or slippery sales tactics.

Reliable Warranties

Another advantage of designer diamond wedding rings is that they typically come with a warranty that covers basic repairs and resizing. Individual limitations tend to vary by brand, but the primary goal is to secure a reliable reputation by honoring the expectations of consumers. That is how many designer brands gained enough recognition to begin full-scale production and distribution.

Premium Perks

Finally, investing in a designer brand can come with several additional perks depending on your selection. For example, you may be eligible to upgrade your diamond after a specified period of time. In addition, the craftsmanship associated with a well-known brand can increase the value of your ring regardless of style or complexity. This adds an extra element of appreciation beyond gems and precious metals, especially if you admire the work of a particular designer.

Designer diamond wedding rings strike the perfect balance between complete customization and low-cost stock mounts from a local jeweler. Take the work out of your selection by looking at brands that provide a diverse collection of on trend yet timeless wedding rings.

If you are getting married soon and are looking for wedding bands for you and your intended, you know how daunting it can be to choose the perfect wedding band. Since the band and engagement ring will be worn together forever, finding the band that is the perfect complement to the engagement ring is almost as important as choosing the engagement ring itself. If you believe your fiancée deserves the best, looking into designer diamond wedding bands is worthwhile.

The Importance of Wedding Bands

When a woman wears a wedding band, it is a symbol of her eternal love. It is also a piece of jewelry that she will wear every day and cherish forever. Since she will be seeing this ring every day, choosing the perfect wedding band is very important. Choosing a designer diamond wedding band over other wedding bands will show your fiancée you have good taste and that you know what she likes. Start your marriage off on the right foot by showing your beloved that you are capable of picking out a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry for her.

Designer Pieces are Highly Coveted

Although a designer wedding band may cost a little more than mass-produced weddings bands, You will likely get what you pay for in improved quality, more sparkle, and greater durability. Instead of opting for an ordinary uninspired wedding band, opt for a specially created piece of jewelry for your fiancée and bring joy to her heart. Give her a wedding band that she won’t see on everyone else, a band as special as she is.

If your fiancée appreciates the finer things in life, consider a designer diamond wedding band for her. You already chose the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life, now it’s time to complete the set with a brilliant designer wedding band.

Getting engaged is a joyful time for couples, but also one filled with decisions. The most important of those decisions is buying a suitable engagement ring. Though the diamond often takes the center stage when it comes to choosing a ring, an engagement ring mountings also play a big part in the decision process. Take the time to make sure your mounting compliments your diamond so that you get that perfect look that you’ll love. Focus on these three steps as you move forward:

Fitting to the Diamond

Though it may seem like every diamond will fit every mounting, that’s not always the case. There are many different shapes that diamonds come in and aesthetically speaking, some mountings just don’t fit particular diamond shapes very well. That being said, you can customize mountings to fit the diamond shape you like so that you get the best of both worlds.

Picking the Style

The most important thing about choosing engagement ring mountings is that you need to decide what shape you want. There is an endless selection of styles to choose from, but some of the most popular include solitaire, channel set, halo, vintage, and side stone. It is crucial that you do your homework by looking at several different examples of each mounting style so that you can choose the one you like the best.

Choosing the Metal

After you’ve chosen the diamond and the style, you’ll need to choose the type of metal you’d like your ring (including the mounting) to be made of. Rings can be made out of several unique metals such as platinum, however gold is traditionally the most popular metal type. Gold comes in several different colors including white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

All of these decisions for finding great engagement ring mountings can seem overwhelming at times. However, the end result will be worth all of the effort you put into it and more. You’ll have a beautiful ring that you can cherish throughout your whole marriage.

There are many differences in opinion on what gemstones make the best makes engagement ring. Feelings about the ideal gemstone type, size, color and ring design run hot. Marriage is a serious business and it’s important that the engagement ring gets the whole process started off on the right foot. The engagement ring is often the focus of family attention and joy and an extraordinary amount of thought, money, and time should be put into its selection. The decisions made about her engagement ring will impact the woman’s pleasure in wearing it every day of her life.

Many people think that the only color option is pure white. This is the traditional diamond color and diamond is the traditional choice but is it the best choice for each individual woman? Perhaps not. Is your fiancé an original, a one of a kind? Think out of the box and consider something that reflects her character and originality. The sapphire wedding rings are a true sign that the soon to be groom spent time thinking about what he would put on his beloved’s finger. In fact, lets further discuss why an non-traditional engagement ring, such as a sapphire ring, might or might not be a great choice.

Positives of Non-traditional Engagement Rings

First and foremost is that it makes your ring special. Anyone can go out and buy a traditional diamond. It takes a man with courage to make the less obvious choice and buy a sapphire or ruby ring. A man who likes to think outside the box and a woman not mired in the ordinary. Both of you want to be adventurous with your ring, just like you will be adventurous in your lives together.

Secondly, white is a predictable color. Sapphires, rubies, and other jewels bring so much more visual excitement into play. One has to look closely to tell that a diamond is very expensive. Your money will often buy more carat weight in sapphire than it would in diamond meaning a larger ring. With a larger brilliant colored jewel people can see it from across the room and know that the ring looks like it cost a fortune. Who doesn’t want to treat his woman with an eye catching and expensive looking ring?

Negatives of Non-traditional Engagement Rings

People may question your less ordinary choice. They might think that white diamonds are the only engagement ring option, not sapphire wedding rings, ruby wedding rings, or any other color of ring. These unimaginative people may not understand that you want something different for your partner to honor her uniqueness. They may not comprehend the excellent durability and value embodied by a sapphire engagement ring, but who cares what the small minded think?

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it really depends on what a woman wants. The man’s goal is to make her happy. Ask her! Encourage her to consider the choices carefully and think outside the box. Take her shopping and make sure she knows that there are creative and colourful options available. Talk to her about choosing a ring with great beauty and value that makes her happy so you can be happy too! If you are a woman who has been asked what they want in a ring, think carefully about what you want and make sure to consider carefully and then be clear about what you want.

The diamond is probably the most popular stone for an engagement ring, but it’s not the only good choice. Ruby engagement rings have been steadily increasing in popularity. Why is that? Well, for starters, they’re very attractive stones. They’re known for their bright color; they tend to range from pink to bright red, depending on the minerals composing the stone. They’re also very hard stones that don’t scratch or chip easily. You’d have to put your ring through some serious hardship to scratch a ruby. They can be a beautiful and less expensive alternative to diamond.

What Are Rubies?

Rubies are a kind of corundum mineral. They are usually red because of the presence of chromium. Sapphires are also made from corundum but have different elements in them to make them different colors.

The price of a ruby is largely determined by the color, the clarity, and the size of the ruby. The most popular ruby color is a bright red called “pigeon blood” or blood-red.

How Are Rubies Rated?

A ruby engagement rings vary based on the value of the stone set in them. The first standard for the stone is the color. As stated, blood-red is the most expensive color of ruby. The other shades of deep red follow closely behind. After color, they’re then ranked on the clarity. Much like diamonds, the clearer rubies are considered more valuable; however, if a ruby is too clear, it can a sign that the stone is heat treated. Natural rubies usually have inclusions in the stone that are shaped like tiny needles. A ruby that has no needle inclusions may be synthetic or heat treated. Heated rubies are still desirable rubies, but should price less than natural unheated rubies.

Rubies are then ranked based on weight (carat) and cut. Larger rubies and higher quality cuts are more expensive.

Do They Make Good Engagement Rings?

Rubies are great for engagement rings because they’re so hard and so bright. Many people wear their engagement rings every day. You have to have a very hard stone to stand up to daily wear and tear. A ruby can stand up to that.

Are They Expensive?

The price of a ruby can vary wildly based on the factors stated earlier. The sunrise ruby, for example, is the world’s most expensive ruby. It weighs almost 26 carats and sold for US $30 million recently. You probably won’t be buying one quite that expensive for your engagement ring.

High-quality rubies can command a price of $1,000 to $3,000 per carat. That’s not quite as expensive as diamonds, but they are still quite valuable gemstones. Synthetic or imitation rubies are much less valuable, and they are also not as resilient.

When you’re looking for ruby engagement rings, remember to take note of the color, clarity, weight, and cut.

Platinum belongs to the family of noble metals. Although this categorization refers to platinum being inert and highly resistant to corrosion, the name is apt nonetheless: King Louis XV of France declared platinum, due to its extreme scarcity, the only metal fit for a king, and had his crown made of platinum as a result. So rare is platinum on our planet that it actually exists in higher quantities on the moon and in meteorites than on the Earth itself. People mine meteorite impact sites, such as Canada’s Sudbury Basin, for the precious metal, so some Canadian platinum wedding rings are extraterrestrial in origin.

Platinum and Industry

Platinum is highly sought after for its numerous industrial uses, including as a catalyst for hydrogen ignition and ammonia oxidation. Being extremely ductile, platinum is a durable electrical conductor and some platinum compounds are even used in chemotherapy to treat cancer. Because platinum is used so widely in various industries, the amount available for use as wedding finery is extremely small, and jewelry made from the precious metal commands a very high price. Platinum has different working properties than gold, including a higher melt point, requiring craftsmen with a higher level of skill to work it.

Platinum as Wedding Jewelry

Platinum, being a particularly dense metal, feels heavy on the hand when worn and more luxurious than alternatives such as silver or white gold. Despite this, platinum is more malleable than the gold alloys most often used for jewelry, and the platinum wedding rings have been known to show minor scratches and dents after years of daily use. However, platinum loses little to no weight after repeat polishing and day-to-day wear, and a well-made platinum wedding ring will survive generations. Platinum is very resistant to abrasive wear making it an excellent material for the prongs that hold diamonds or gems. Because of its higher cost, but ideal suitability for prongs, jewelry is sometimes made of tough platinum as the setting for a precious stone, saving white gold for the band. Simple, unadorned platinum wedding bands remain popular due to platinum’s luxurious feel, beautiful silvery white color, and excellent resistance to corrosion.

Platinum will not corrode or oxidize when exposed to air or water, even when subject to intense heat and pressure. In the 16th century, Julius Caesar Scalinger, an Italian humanist, described encountering a noble metal in Mexico, “which no fire or Spanish artifice has yet been able to liquefy.” Although it will form a chemical salt if exposed to nitric acid, most people manage to go their entire lives without dipping their hands in acid, so this fate for your platinum wedding ring is easy to avoid. A side benefit of platinum’s non-corrosiveness is its hypoallergenic properties. Those with sensitive skin who are allergic to alloys containing nickel will find their ring fingers pleasantly devoid of irritation when adorned with a platinum wedding ring. Platinum, the noble metal, is a more expensive alternative to white gold but can sometimes be the best choice for your precious wedding jewelry.

Sapphire wedding rings are an alternative to diamond rings. They have an alluring look that can complement any ensemble of the wearer. These rings are available in bevies of different colors that include yellow, pink and blue. They are also available in different designs. It is important to ensure that the rings that you purchase are original and expertly crafted.

Important to know

It is important to know that when buying your sapphire rings, you will have to navigate a maze of synthetic sapphires, heat treated sapphires and natural sapphires. It is important to clearly understand what you are buying. It can be difficult to differentiate the different types of sapphire and you need a knowledgeable retailer to help you understand the differences and choose wisely. Therefore, be careful about your vendor and know how to differentiate genuine sapphire rings from fake sapphire rings.

Tips to guide you

  • Choose a reputable retailer: Choosing a reputable retailer is one of the best ways of purchasing quality sapphire rings. Reputable retailers have reliable refund policies. There rings will come with appraisals attesting to the specific qualities of the sapphires set in their rings.
  • Price: Avoid sapphire wedding rings that are sold at extremely low prices. Extremely low prices could mean that the sapphires are synthetic, that the sapphires are poor in quality, or that the quality of the manufacturing is bad. Some vendors sell sapphire rings for extremely high prices but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better. It could mean that the retailer has high overhead and a high advertising budget.
  • Be careful: When the deal that you get from the retailer is too good, think again. Some retailers sell poor quality sapphire wedding rings at low prices. They use low price as the bait for attracting unsuspecting buyers. Therefore, be careful about the retailer you select.
  • Reviews: You can start by reading reviews that other buyers have written about a retailer before purchasing your sapphire rings from them. Look for retailers with the most positive feedbacks or reviews from customers. Such a retailer will probably give you a good deal on quality sapphire rings.
  • Talk to friends and relatives: If you have friends or relatives who bought sapphire rings for their wedding, contact them for tips and advice. Such people can guide you on the best place to buy your sapphire rings from. Your colleagues at the workplace can also guide you.

Generally, there are many ways through which you can ensure that you are buying quality sapphire rings for your wedding. However, the most effective way of getting a great deal on quality sapphire wedding rings is buying them from a reputable retailer.