About LPJ


I began in the diamond and jewelry business in 1983. After graduating from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, I apprenticed with a Master Jeweler and learned about jewelry, colored stones, and diamonds from the ground up. I also received training at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In 1988, I went to work for the Atlanta Tiffany & Co. as their sales manager. At Tiffany’s, I learned the intricacies of very high-quality diamonds and gemstones, and developed an extensive network of sources for the best quality goods. I also came to understand the value of the highest level of customer service. Much of what I do is custom order, but I also have a complete showroom.

I sell gold and platinum mountings by high quality manufacturing houses such as Renaissance Platinum, Platinum Plus, C. Gonshor, OGI Ltd, Spectrum Diamonds, Benchmark, Timeless Designs, Leo Ingwer and others.

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Jewelry In Atlanta

In 1990, I started Laura Powers Jewelry Stylist, Inc. I observed that there were two kinds of stores in Atlanta. There were many vendors selling cookie cutter jewelry of poor quality. There were also a few vendors selling good quality jewelry, but the prices were inflated and the level of service was very low. I designed my business to provide the very highest level of service, and the best quality of merchandise at very competitive prices. I see all my clients personally. You will not be subjected to pushy sales people paid on commission who just want to close the deal, any deal, whether it’s right for you or not. My goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with you and your family. I will keep up with your anniversaries and birthdays send you reminders if you like. I will keep a record of everything you’ve purchased so I can help you make good gift giving decisions in the future. I have been in business in Atlanta since 1990 and I have the wonderful experience of helping entire families. I might help with the upgrade on Mom’s diamond and then help her sons with their engagement ring purchases when the time comes. When you do business with Laura Powers Jewelry, you do business with me personally. This ensures that all my customers are completely satisfied. I produce and sell very high quality custom engagement rings and jewelry for prices that cannot be matched.